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Integral gear/MULTICOM® Gearboxes

Integral gear made by RENK-MAAG: MULTICOM® gearboxes GMX are designed and built according to the latest findings and processes in gearbox technology. As the heart of a multi-shaft compressor system, RENK-MAAG MULTICOM® gearbox GMX drives up to 10 compressor stages with speeds up to 63’000 rpm.

The impellers are connected directly to the individual pinion shafts by a special toothing (e.g. Hirth) or polygon and are sealed to the casing by a special sliding ring seal on the pinion shafts. The compressor casings are directly connected to the gearbox casing. The gearbox casing therefore has to absorb these additional weights and forces.

The wheelset with thrust collar generally has single-helical toothing, making the fast-running axial bearing on the pinion shaft redundant. The axial thrust of the impellers is absorbed by the slow wheel shaft by means of the design of the thrust collar.

RENK-MAAG has calculated, analysed and optimised the dynamic behaviour of the entire compressor system in relation to bearing damping and vibrations using special computer programs. Since delivering the first integral gearbox in 1969, this proven design has been continuously optimised. Smoothness, efficiency and service life are today achieving exceptional levels.