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HET Gear®

The registered trademark HET Gear® stands for «High Efficiency Turbogear». These gearboxes are the most efficient ones worldwide and have been specifically developed for use in energy generation and for driving compressors.

HET Gear® gearboxes can be operated in two different ways as required: either as conventional turbo gearboxes or as HET Gear® gearboxes, where the toothed wheels rotate in a partial vacuum to significantly reduce ventilation losses. Special toothing correction is used to ensure that there is always an optimum toothing contact pattern in both operating modes.

This aspect of gearbox power dissipation takes on greater significance specifically in the power generation sector. MAAG/RENK-MAAG has built up and developed its experience in the manufacture of vacuum gearboxes in the range of 15 MW–120 MW output since 1996. The construction of HET Gear® turbogears is patented by RENK-MAAG.