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All gearboxes from the RENK-MAAG production facility are rigorously tested with state-of-the-art testbed technology. We can also test gearboxes we have modified on request.

Additionally we can also test system components for external companies. The testbed engineering team also has experience with heavy-duty and marine gearboxes, pumps, engines and compressors.

The testbed platform covers some 350 m2 and has:

  • Up to 100-tonne crane capacity
  • Drive technology of up to 1.5 MW
  • Up to 1 MW load simulation
  • 3 x 1,500 l/min (combinable) lube oil supply
  • Cooling system with 1.2 MW of cooling capacity

The measuring and analysis systems for general physical variables, such as shaft or casing vibrations and noise measurements, are also portable for external uses.

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