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Rotor Dynamics

Low vibration, reliability and safe operation: that is what you can expect from a RENK-MAAG turbo gearbox in terms of its rotor dynamics. In addition, RENK-MAAG also offers technical knowledge and expertise gained over many years.

RENK-MAAG carries out complex calculations and rotor-based dynamic analysis using the recognised and leading MADYN 2000 calculation program. RENK-MAAG is always up to the minute with state-of-the-art knowledge by cooperating closely with Zurich-based Delta JS AG, the developer of this software. We combine theory and practice together with the opportunities offered by our state-of-the-art testbed, resulting in optimum solutions for our customers.

The engineering may include:

  • Lateral undamped analysis (critical speed map)
  • Lateral damped analysis
  • Stability analysis
  • Hot Spot analysis
  • Torsional analysis
  • Transient torsional analysis

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