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Clutch gearbox

A clutch gearbox is a gearbox with an integrated clutch that allows to automatically engage and disengage the drive unit. Depending on the the application overrunning synchronous, sprag or multi-disc clutch can be used.
The clutch gearbox is applied where:

  • the driving or driven unit has to be automatically engaged/disengaged
  • there is a need to be switched between two speeds
  • change of direction of rotation is also possible
MS76 Clutch


  • Energy Recovery (oil & gas, steel or other industries)
  • Switchable direction e.g. locomotive traction
  • Switchable speeds e.g. pump drive
  • Upgrade of installations in the power generation

Scope of perfomance

  • 1 MW – 25 MW
  • Rotation speed 700 rpm to 8000 rpm by the synchronous clutch

Added value with RENK-MAAG clutch gearboxes

  • Compact design
  • Less bearings
  • Lower oil consumption
  • One supplier for the complete unit
  • Less interfaces and couplings
  • Two or more rotation speeds available
  • Automatic engagement/disengagement
  • Avoiding of trailing of not used equipment
  • Avoid an additional generator set

Customer benefits

  • Ecological: recovery of waste energy when it is available
  • Ideal usage: Operating equipment at optimum speed
  • Higher Efficiency:Cost savings up to US$ 3.7 Mio. Annually


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