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Gearbox for heavy duty locomotives

The RENK-MAAG GmbH gearbox for heavy duty locomotives is specially designed for the use in direct drive locomotives. This gearbox improves the efficiency at full load from around 70 % to more than 96 % in forward and reverse.


  • As a retrofit solution in older diesel locomotives

Scope of performance

  • 500–1000 kW
  • Pre-Connected is a 6-gear automatic transmission with speeds from 300–1500 rpm

Added value with RENK-MAAG gearbox for heavy duty locomotives

  • Gear units designed precisely to customer requirements (Drop-in and/or retrofit solution)
  • Highest reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact design
  • Additional engineering services (e.g. rotor dynamics of the strand, modal analysis of the overall structure, etc.)

RENK-MAAG GmbH Switzerland

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