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1st March 2019 | Project: Bevel Gearbox as a drop-in-solution

RENK-MAAG Drop-In-Gearbox

What does an end-user do, if he has serious performance and quality challenges with a gearbox from a US vendor shortly after the start-up? In their direst need Borouge in Abu Dhabi and the general contractor, Hyundai Heavy in Korea, contacted RENK-MAAG in Switzerland to support them. After a US vendor tried to modify the gearbox unsuccessfully, Borouge and Hyundai Heavy finally decided to replace the bevel gearbox with one from RENK-MAAG. So far our gearbox has been in operation for more than one year without any damage. A less expensive gearbox might appear cost effective. However, with endless warranty issues and unscheduled standstills at the plant it can drive the final cost far beyond the original budget. RENK-MAAG stands for top reliability and availability to the benefit of all our customers, since we know that any standstill erases their profit.

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6th July 2018 | Commissioning grinding centre KEHREN Ri 10-4

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5th April 2018 | A strong team for great achievements

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