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Latest NEWS

April 2021 | RENK-MAAG delivers first epicyclic gear to Siemens in Houston

This epicyclic gear is for a generator set with a gas turbine power of 7460kW rotating at 14’600rpm.

Reduction of weight was a crucial requirement for getting this order and therefore a spur gear design has been chosen.

RENK-MAAG could achieve following benefits for Siemens and the end-user of this genset:

– >30% weight reduction compared to the original design of another gearbox vendor

– Easy access for maintenance purposes due to spur gear design (no split casing needed)

– Same footprint as original design, suitable for existing skid design

– Far less auxiliary gears for oil pump and starter drive needed, due to different arrangement

However, the interface with the gas turbine, the generator and the footprint had to remain the same, which makes this gearbox suitable as a drop-in gearbox for existing installations.

RENK-MAAG, Best Solutions for your needs.

August 2020 | Powerplant in Würzburg Germany integrate MS-57 Synchronous Clutch

A powerplant in Würzburg Germany decided to integrate a MS-57 Synchronous Clutch to gain greater flexibility in energy supply and to deliver peak loads (automatically engage low pressure steam turbine) when necessary.

Only the RENK Group can supply the complete package consisting of a gearbox and a synchronous clutch (overrunning clutch), since both technologies are available within the group.

The customer has following benefits:

– Best solution, since both the gearbox and the clutch are well adapted to each other

– Customer only has to deal with one supplier

– Increased flexibility of their power plant

We herewith thank TGM Kanis for their trust in the RENK Team and their cooperation during the project to upgrade their steam turbines in the power plant with a RENK-MAAG clutch.

RENK-MAAG – Best Solutions for your needs!

Only possible with the precise work of our dedicated employees.

21st August 2019 | Chrysaor, a leading North Sea oil & gas company, upgrades its offshore platform with RENK-MAAG gearbox

To increase the output of their mature oil & gas well in the North Sea, Chrysaor decided to up-grade the compressor and to install a new and more efficient gearbox from RENK-MAAG with a unique trust collar design.

Following points are crucial to this project:

  • Very high pitch line velocity of the pinion and axial loads from the compressor.
  • Therefore it is not possible to install an axial bearing at the pinion.
  • A single helical gearbox with trust collar was chosen.
  • The axial loads are transmitted via trust collar to the axial bearing of the bullgear.
  • Higher efficiency, since only one axial bearing is necessary.
  • Very compact design in comparison with double helical gearbox.
  • High lifetime of gears, since no external axial loads are distributed to the tooth flanks.

For offshore applications the reliability and availability of a gearbox is even more crucial, due to the difficult access.

Unplanned shut downs of compressor trains lead to millions USD of lost revenue. Switch to RENK-MAAG, if an uninterrupted generation of profit is your target.

Add RENK-MAAG to your vendor list now!


28th June 2019 | RENK-MAAG installs two high efficiency gearboxes in a Powerplant in Bernburg, Germany

vacuum gaer unit HET gear®

A chemical plant in Bernburg, Germany, installed in 1994 two Siemens V64.3 gas turbines (62 MW) and two turbo gearboxes from a leading German vendor. After a few years the end-user decided to replace both gearboxes from the German vendor with those from RENK-MAAG.

Recently, after reaching the midterm of the power plant, the end-user had to renew the licence. Due to stricter environmental regulations the end-user decided to replace current RENK-MAAG gearboxes with two new high efficiency HET Gear® gearboxes from RENK-MAAG. The current gearboxes will be kept as spare.

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