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21st August 2019 | Chrysaor, a leading North Sea oil & gas company, upgrades its offshore platform with RENK-MAAG gearbox

To increase the output of their mature oil & gas well in the North Sea, Chrysaor decided to up-grade the compressor and to install a new and more efficient gearbox from RENK-MAAG with a unique trust collar design.

Following points are crucial to this project:

  • Very high pitch line velocity of the pinion and axial loads from the compressor.
  • Therefore it is not possible to install an axial bearing at the pinion.
  • A single helical gearbox with trust collar was chosen.
  • The axial loads are transmitted via trust collar to the axial bearing of the bullgear.
  • Higher efficiency, since only one axial bearing is necessary.
  • Very compact design in comparison with double helical gearbox.
  • High lifetime of gears, since no external axial loads are distributed to the tooth flanks.

For offshore applications the reliability and availability of a gearbox is even more crucial, due to the difficult access.

Unplanned shut downs of compressor trains lead to millions USD of lost revenue. Switch to RENK-MAAG, if an uninterrupted generation of profit is your target.

Add RENK-MAAG to your vendor list now!


28th June 2019 | RENK-MAAG installs two high efficiency gearboxes in a Powerplant in Bernburg, Germany

vacuum gaer unit HET gear®

A chemical plant in Bernburg, Germany, installed in 1994 two Siemens V64.3 gas turbines (62 MW) and two turbo gearboxes from a leading German vendor. After a few years the end-user decided to replace both gearboxes from the German vendor with those from RENK-MAAG.

Recently, after reaching the midterm of the power plant, the end-user had to renew the licence. Due to stricter environmental regulations the end-user decided to replace current RENK-MAAG gearboxes with two new high efficiency HET Gear® gearboxes from RENK-MAAG. The current gearboxes will be kept as spare.

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