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Commissioning grinding centre KEHREN Ri 10-4

The acquirement of a new grinding centre in Winterthur has been under discussion for more than three years. From budget enquiries to initial technical clarifications on the development of a specification sheet, enquiries were sent to possible suppliers in the summer of 2016. After reviewing offers and presenting design concepts, three machines were shortlisted. Following further analyses and technical clarification, discussions with the possible suppliers and the involvement of more RENK production sites, the desired machine type was decided upon in spring 2017 and the investment application was approved. Almost exactly one year ago, after the final purchase negotiations, the KEHREN Ri 10-4 was ordered.

The foundation was laid on the one hand with the student research project by engineering students on “Replacing Springfield and Camut” and, on the other hand, now in the RENK-MAAG (Fig. 1) workshops in February 2018. On 5 June 2018, the KEHREN Ri 10-4 (Fig. 2) was delivered and assembled following external preliminary approval.

With the commissioning of the new compact internal and external grinding machine, both old grinding machines, “Springfield” and “Camut”, are to be replaced. Higher efficiency is achieved mainly due to the higher grinding performance (use of modern abrasives) and based on an automated production flow and in-process measurement (elimination of reduction of manual measurements). The production possibilities of the two previous grinding machines are fully covered in terms of dimensions and weight.

Technical data:

  • Cylindrical grinding, vertical (internal and external)
    – Largest grinding diameter, external, 1200 mm
    – Smallest grinding diameter, internal, 100 mm
  • Surface grinding
  • Cone grinding
  • Coordinate grinding
  • workpiece weight 2000 kg
  • Immersion depth up to 600 mm (depending on selected grinding spindle)
  • 3 x vertical grinding spindles and 1 x horizontal

During the official opening ceremony on 6 July 2018, the new grinding centre was presented to the RENK-MAAG employees at an aperitif reception. Both Marcel Althaus (pictured on the left) and Thomas Fritschi (pictured on the right) were available for question about the new machine.


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