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Bespoke solutions for new projects or as drop-in / retrofit solution
Project: Bevel Gearbox as a drop-in-solution

We are very proud of our company and our reliable gearboxes! – Where a gearbox from a US vendor had repeatedly broken down after 50 hours, a RENK-MAAG custom designed bevel gearbox has now been in continuous operation for more than one year!

Right Angle Gearbox

In 2010 RENK-MAAG was contacted by a general contractor regarding a bespoke bevel gearbox for a polymer manufacturer in Abu Dhabi. The gearbox had to be installed between a steam turbine and a pump, which was located in a right angle to the steam turbine. The requested ratio was very high with i=36, however RENK-MAAG proposed a single gearbox design. Unfortunately, our general contractor did not receive the order and we lost sight of the project.

In September 2016 we received a new inquiry from Hyundai Heavy in Korea for the same plant, which turned out to be Borough in Abu Dhabi. The gearbox from a US vendor was unable to operate for more than 50 hours before it repeatedly broke down. After the US vendor tried to modify the gearbox over 5 years unsuccessfully, Borouge and Hyundai Heavy finally decided to inquire whether RENK-MAAG would be interested to replace the bevel gearbox. The dimensions of the original gearbox had to be met. From the documents provided to us we discovered that the gearbox ratio is close to i=3. The US vendor decided to split the gear ratio between two gearboxes. Based on the received information and the local failure analysis, only the bevel gearbox had to be replaced. Furthermore it was clear to RENK-MAAG what had to be changed regarding design and manufacturing, in order to avoid future damages.

The solution of RENK-MAAG was then presented to Borough and Hyundai Heavy together with the corresponding quotation. After some rounds of negotiations the contract was awarded to us at the end of December 2016, with a condition that the delivery must take place in October 2017.

The gearbox has now been successfully in operation for over one year and has proven its 100% availability.

Do you often need to shut down your gearbox due to maintenance? Do you often need to replace the gear rotors due to high wear and tear? Are you irritated by the resulting high spare parts costs?

Perhaps you should consider replacing your gearbox with one from RENK-MAAG, in order to improve your profits by increasing the availability of production and to cut your spare parts costs.

RENK-MAAG offers drop in solutions, which means we either offer gear rotors, which fit into a gearbox casing of an other vendor or we are able to replace the complete gearbox, without changing the dimensions of the interface. Stop the constant agony and make a change.  We will gladly analyse your situation, to find a solution for your requirements.

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