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Our success is based on quality! Consistently high quality in all processes is achieved by the systematic implementation of the current ISO-9001. – All RENK-MAAG employees are committed to quality and take their share of the responsibility for achieving it.

The Quality: ISO 9001:2015
We strive to be the most successful global provider in our sector with the help of our company management system (CMS). The personal responsibility of each and every individual employee is the most important and fundamental basis for producing high-quality products. Personal responsibility is promoted within the company by extensive training, self-monitoring, discussions with other employees and the ongoing improvement of processes.

The Environment: ISO 14001:2015
RENK-MAAG GmbH acknowledges its environmental responsibility towards man and the environment and environmental conservation forms an integral part of our corporate culture. These are demands that present a constant challenge that we actively address. We want to ensure that we meet the expectations of our customers, the requirements of society, our company, and statutory regulations in the long term.

Occupational health and safety management system ISO 45001:2018
As embedded in the mission and vision of RENK-MAAG, our employees are our most important asset. The company will take this statement seriously: we do everything to prevent accidents and medical conditions. Should something happen despite the efforts, we will do everything to find out why the event happened and what measures must be taken to prevent the same or similar in the future. Through preventive and anticipatory behavior as well as the involvement of all employees, we also want to work proactively. In compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, we are actively conducting everything necessary and feasible for occupational health and safety.

…operates an efficient, forward-looking environmental management system within the framework of its company management system
…complies with statutory regulations and even stricter internal guidelines
…is continuously working to reduce the environmental impact caused by its operations
…aims to reduce its consumption of energy and resources in the long term
…is aware of and constantly motivates its employees to act in an environmentally-friendly manner
…involves its business partners in its environmental efforts
…can improve its efficiency with environmentally responsible actions