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Max Maag, Swiss born and bred, founded the «Max Maag Zahnräderfabrik» in 1913 to produce gearboxes of the highest quality. The company also develops and produces the precise gear cutting machinery, gear grinders and gearwheel measuring instruments necessary for this. A combination that has led to the company becoming the leading manufacturer of world-class gearboxes.

Over 8,100 turbo gearboxes have been delivered to customers over the past 100 years. Many are still in operation today and, as before, can still be supplied with original spare parts from the RENK-MAAG GmbH production facility.

Key dates in the company's history
1913Max Maag's workshop in Horgen relocates to the former «Safir» automotive factory building at Hardstrasse 219 in Zurich.

With the relocation of the company's headquarters to Hardstrasse, the year 1913 goes down in the company's history as the year of foundation of MAAG-Zahnräder Aktiengesellschaft.
1915«Max Maag Zahnräderfabrik» is registered in the Register of Companies. Foundation of Zahnradfabrik GmbH Friedrichshafen (ZF) with Max Maag as co-founder.
1916Establishment of MAAG-Maschinen AG by the MAAG consortium and Gebr. Sulzer AG for the manufacture of MAAG machines in Sulzer's premises in Oberwinterthur.
1918Conversion of Max Maag Zahnräderfabrik into MAAG-Zahnräder Aktiengesellschaft.
1927Establishment of the Italian subsidiary S.A. Italiana Ingranaggi MAAG in Milan.
1931Establishment of the French subsidiary Société Française des Engrenages MAAG in Paris.
19641st RENK-MAAG Synchronous Clutch Coupling delivered (20.000 kW).
1988The Supervisory Board of MAAG-Zahnräder & -Maschinen AG (MAAG Holding AG) resolves to abandon the construction and manufacture of MAAG toolmaking machines (toothed planers, toothed grinders and toothed test and measuring machines) at the end of 1989.

The two remaining divisions, gearboxes and gear pumps, are transferred to stand-alone MAAG companies.
1989Foundation of MAAG Getriebe AG.

Cooperation agreement between MAAG Getriebe AG and Renk Tacke in Augsburg, Germany.
1991Dissolution of the cooperation agreement between MAAG Getriebe and Renk Tacke.
1997Sale of MAAG Getriebe AG to F.L. Smidth-Fuller Engineering A/S in Valby-Copenhagen, Denmark.
1998MAAG Getriebe AG is renamed MAAG Gear AG.
2007Augsburg-based RENK AG sets up RENK-MAAG GmbH with headquarters in Winterthur. RENK-MAAG integrates the turbo gearbox and spare parts operations (including marine applications), as well as the synchronous clutch coupling, shift coupling and tooth coupling operations from MAAG Gear AG.

With its newly acquired production capacities and services, RENK-MAAG expands its new sales and after-sales business.
2010 Commissioning of the latest generation of profile grinding machine. Expansion of the company's technical capability and expertise.
2012Establishment of RENK Shanghai Service and
Commercial Ltd. Co., thus the opening of the RENK service hub in Shanghai.
2016RENK-MAAG manufactures largest, fastest-running, spur gear Parallel Shaft Gear Unit in the world (pitch line velocity 156 m/s, center distance 1.73 meters).


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