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Marine Applications

In the marine sector, RENK-MAAG Synchronous Clutch Couplings are used in combined diesel, electric and gas turbine propulsion systems, such as CODOG, COGAG, CODAD, CODAG and CODELAG systems and can also be used as efficiency booster drives for diesel engine propulsion systems. The upcoming hybrid propulsion systems certainly open a market for new applications.

RENK-MAAG’s robust design and stringent quality standards allow for very high differential speeds and superior operational behaviour. Furthermore, an integrated gear coupling allows for very compact train arrangements – no additional flexible couplings are required and less bearings are needed. This means higher efficiency, saving valuable space and cutting overall costs compared to other solutions.

Ship operators expect high reliability, longevity, low maintenance costs and short down times of their critical equipment. This is why all parts in RENK-MAAG’s Synchronous Clutches are hydro-dynamically lubricated, thus allowing wear-free operation.

These Synchronous Clutch Couplings can be equipped with diverse additional features such as a locking mechanism to prevent disengagement in heavy seas or a pawl free mode for complete and permanent disengagement. The pawl free function allows for save maintenance on one part of the propulsion system while steaming ahead with the remaining train. Customers especially value RENK-MAAG’s flexibility to design customised solutions.

Due to the compact build, especially compact length, RENK-MAAG’s clutches can be retrofitted into existing arrangements.

Pawl free unit as an additional feature

  • Flexible with integrated gear coupling
  • Complete mechanical separation of input and output (safety)
  • Convenient handling from outside of clutch housing (manual or hydraulic operation)
  • Proven robust design

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